About Us

Welcome to my world of craftsmanship and jewellery!  My name is Dave Antrobus, and I am a mainly self-taught (or should I say internet-taught) crafter and jeweller. My journey into this creative realm began in 2017 when an unfortunate cycling accident changed the course of my life.

During that fateful incident, I was hit by a car, resulting in a dislocated collar bone and a significant period away from work. As I embarked on the road to recovery, I found solace and inspiration in the vast sea of knowledge available on the internet. Countless hours were spent watching YouTube videos, and it was during this time that I stumbled upon the captivating world of jewellery making.

Driven by curiosity and an innate desire to create, I decided to give jewellery crafting a try. I started with making a few rings, and to be completely honest, my initial attempts were less than impressive. However, true to my resilient nature, I refused to give up. I embraced the learning process and persisted until my creations reached a standard that satisfied even my discerning eye. I wouldn't settle for anything less than perfection.

Buoyed by my progress and fuelled by a growing passion, I took the leap and opened my own Etsy shop. Since then, I've had the privilege of crafting unique and meaningful rings for individuals from all corners of the globe. There is something truly special about creating jewellery that holds deep personal significance, whether it's a heartfelt gift, a symbol of love in a wedding or engagement, or a cherished memento.

Each piece I create is infused with a profound sense of pride and dedication. I approach every project as if I were crafting it for my beloved wife, knowing that attention to detail and quality are paramount. My goal is to deliver jewellery that not only meets but exceeds expectations, leaving a lasting impression on those who wear it.

As you explore my collection and entrust me with the opportunity to bring your jewelry dreams to life, I invite you to share in my passion and appreciate the love and craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece. Thank you for joining me on this extraordinary journey of creativity and self-discovery. Together, let's celebrate the beauty and significance of handmade jewellery.